Love York Awards

5th June 2019

Joseph Rowntree Theatre, York

YUSU's annual Love York Awards takes place at the fantastic Joseph Rowntree Theatre on to the fantastic venue at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre on Wednesday 5th June. This prestigious event recognises and rewards the achievements of our outstanding students here at the University of York.

In line with YUSU’s strategic objectives, a focus of the 2019 Love York Awards will be to celebrate the importance of the community work being implemented between the University of York and the City of York, with the awards and venue reflecting this collaboration.

We are also running a campus ballot to highlight a local organisation for Outstanding Contribution to the City of York. We will be asking students to vote for the organisation that is making a significant positive impact on the lives of our students within the City of York community.

Award Categories

Click on each category to find out more.

An academic rep is someone who strives to make improvements to their course or the general academic experience of students studying at University. There are lots of academic reps on campus including course, department and faculty reps as well as individuals and groups. This award highlights excellence of an individual in their role.

Strong student-led campaigns make a difference to individuals or groups on campus, in the community, nationally or even internationally. All varieties of campaigns are accepted for this award, from diversity and liberation, environmental, promotional, political and much more.

This award recognises the work of an individual or group who have shown dedication, passion and innovation to improve the wellbeing of students or raised awareness.

This award will be given to an individual or group or network that have made a positive contribution to equality, inclusivity and diversity on any scale.

This award recognises the creativity of a student or student group who have addressed any demand or issue using an innovative and enterprising solution. This could be starting up a new business or enterprise (project/event).

Charities change the lives of people in need and this award recognises the great fundraising contributions to charity by individuals, groups or fundraising events.

The Volunteering Award is awarded to an outstanding volunteer or group in recognition of their dedication, efforts and impact in the community or wider nationally, or even internationally.

This award highlights the strength of college sport which is open to everyone of all abilities. The Love York Awards will recognise a college or college team who have excelled in fostering an inclusive atmosphere and performed well as a team on or off the pitch.

The award recognises a student who has been involved with volunteering, societies or student media and who has made an outstanding contribution to Roses 2019. Whether they have been involved in the organisation of Roses, inspired their peers or shown outstanding support and dedication during their involvement will be considered.

The award recognises a student from a sports club or sports committee who has made an outstanding contribution to Roses 2019. Whether they have been involved in the organisation of Roses, inspired their team or shown outstanding support and dedication to their sport will be considered.

Student Media takes skill, hard work and dedication to produce - with many roles behind the scenes. This award recognises outstanding individuals, teams, groups and events that demonstrate the benefit of student media at York or those who have made a significant impact to improve the quality of student media.

This award recognises the hard work and dedication of any society, (no matter how big or small) on the value they have added and difference they have made to the University Experience this year.

We are recognising the breadth and scope of events run by students this year, by splitting the category into three areas.

The Best Event for Widening Participation recognises an event that has taken into consideration under-represented groups such as people with disabilities or other minority groups to enable them to participate.

The Best Small Scale Community Event highlights student-led events that are high-quality in content and create a community environment.

The Best Large Scale Entertainment Event showcases the biggest and best events led by students.

This award recognises the hard work and dedication of a student committee who have excelled over the academic year.

This award recognises the work of an individual that has led and inspired others to achieve great success.

This award recognises a student who has made a positive contribution to university life across their time at York so far. Whether they have been heavily involved in one area or many, their dedication and involvement will have been considerable. This award takes into consideration the contribution from their entire student life.

Our Full-Time Officers want to recognise those students who do fantastic work but are unlikely to be formally recognised for their efforts. These unsung heroes will be decided by each individual Sabb’s criteria:

Union President - James Durcan:

  • This award celebrates an individual who has willingly sacrificed their time and effort for the benefit of others. Whether it’s for a large, recognised initiative or activity, or for the benefit of a single person in need, this award is for somebody who has put others first.

Activities Officer - Finn Judge

  • This award celebrates an individual who has been enthusiastically involved in student activities (other than sport) and has supported student groups to have a positive impact on their members. Although they may go unnoticed, their passion, commitment, and contribution to student activities at York is outstanding.

Academic Officer - James Hare

  • This award celebrates an individual who lives and breathes what they study, and inspires others with their energy and enthusiasm for their subject. Their ability to talk about new ideas, exchange knowledge, and foster intellectual thought, is emblematic of the academic spirit.

Community and Wellbeing Officer - Steph Hayle

  • This award celebrates an individual who has devoted their time to promoting unity in diversity, advocating for an under-represented group, or simply inspiring others with their progressive attitude and passion for social justice.

York Sport President - Zac Sheppard

  • This award celebrates an individual whose contribution to student sport at York has had an outstanding impact on those around them. They have been dedicated throughout the year, contributing proactively to their sporting community, and working to make sport at York more accessible and engaging for all.

York, for many students, is a new home. This award recognises the incredible efforts of an organisation that makes a significant positive impact on the lives of our students through their hard work and dedication to the improvement of York.


Nominations have now closed for Love York Awards 2019!

This is your opportunity to nominate yourself or someone else who you believe deserves one of our prestigious awards.

We get hundreds of nominations each year, so make sure yours stands out!

Nominations will close at midnight on Wednesday 8th May 2019.

Nominations for this years awards have now closed.

Entry Criteria

You can enter or be nominated as an individual or as part of a group, ratified or unratified* with YUSU. Please check each individual category description for further details on who can enter.

  • Entries should demonstrate contribution to the University or our wider community
  • Your activities must have taken place during the last 12 months, except in the Contribution to Student Life award, which takes the nominee’s entire student life into consideration
  • You can enter multiple nominations
  • Groups and individuals can be entered for multiple categories
  • Entries and nominations must be submitted on the official application form
  • Entries received after the closing date will not be considered

* Except for the Student Media Award and Society of the Year Award; these must be YUSU-ratified student groups.


The nominations will be checked to ensure they are in the right category and then will be shortlisted before a final judging panel. Judges will be given the criteria from the nomination form and will consider innovation, effort, contribution, skill development and impact.

Nominations will first be checked before shortlisting and then sent to a final judging panel.

The decision of the judging panel is final and no feedback will be given on individual nominations submitted.