Love York Awards

7th June 2018

Joseph Rowntree Theatre, York


The shortlist for the Love York Awards has been announced!

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Aaron Bhalla

Aaron is the Department Rep for the York Law School. This year he has worked on the issue of mental health and student wellbeing. This has an enormous positive influence on the culture in the law school.

Alvaro Lopez-Acosta

Alvaro is the department rep for Chemistry and has facilitated excellent two-way communication; canvassing attitudes of the student body and encouraging students to give feedback through departmental mechanisms and the NSS.

Kat Ferris

Kat has been an outstanding Department Rep for sociology this year. She's worked hard to move sociology from an Opt-in position in regards to Lecture capture, to an Opt-out one, liaising with both staff and students on the matter.

Kia Alderson

Kia is not only available at any time, but she consistently gets results for students in Computer Sciences. She has fought to get exam grades changed after the department conducted an exam incorrectly.

Lauren Tomasello

Lauren has been an excellent Department Rep going completely above and beyond with trying to get the Electronic Engineering department to see that lecture capture is a benefit and not a hindrance.

Darts Against Diabetes

Throughout the year, Mark has led the darts club on a groundbreaking partnership with the Juevnile Diabetes Research Foundation which supports young people suffering with Type 1 diabetes.

Derwent AFC #BestManProject

The club tried to get each and every player and club member to sign up to the #BestManProject, which CALM launched to encourage men to be there for their friends' mental health more and prevent male suicide.

UoY Occupation

UoY Occupy was a heartfelt and wholesome campaign that sought to foster solidarity and communication between students and staff, as well as between students themselves, offering British Sign Language Classes and tours of the building.

Islamic Society Charity Week

The University of York Islamic Society (ISOC) held a successful Charity Week this academic year. York ISOC fantastically raised £4,300 as a jump from £1,200 from last year! For their grand efforts, ISOC was awarded 'best unity displayed' with University of Hull.

YSTV 50th

To tie in with the station's 50th birthday celebrations, YSTV set up a YuStart campaign to raise money to address the amount of equipment in disrepair and the need for a second outside-broadcast unit.

Aaron Bhalla

Enhancing staff understanding of student well-being has been a consistent focus for Aaron during his time as a Rep. He has made a positive contribution to the York Law School culture over a prolonged period of time.

Aisling Musson

Ailsing personally made sure every disabled person at this years freshers fair could take part, walking around and guiding and making sure disabled students were able to get to the front of ques and where they needed to be.

Jess Sawford

Jess has taken up so many responsibilities throughout her term so far, including coordinating the campaign known as SHAG (Sexual Health Advice and Guidance) week.

Olivia Jennings

Olivia has worked tirelessly and with enthusiasm to lead her committee of student volunteers and the 37 STYMS over the last year. She has worked with the college team to completely re-design and improve the STYM provision in the college.

Tess Morris

Tess has really pushed for collaborative working to engage the student body in much needed discussion by helping advertise and/or run events with Nightline, York Entrepreneur Society, Colleges, Sabbatical Officers and the university Student Support Hub.

The Postgraduate Research Student Community in Biology

The reps have run a series events entitled “Ph Depression”, to provide a confidential and safe space to speak to other PhD students and meet with professionals from York Mind and the university’s Open Door Team.

Connor Drake

Connor has tirelessly fought for class to be brought back into discussions about disadvantage. He is one of the first people in the university to realise that the invisible divide of being working class actually exists, and work towards making actual change.

Darts Club (UYDC)

Their stand known as the “Wildfire 137” allows a sitting player to compete against a standing player without any discrimination. This equipment means that all UYDC university level events welcome wheelchair users as standard.

The Women’s Show by ComedySoc

With a cast of female, non-binary and transgender students, the Women's Show showcases the diverse talent the society has in improv, sketch comedy and stand up, who aren't the classic 'straight white male' comedians we're used to seeing on TV.

York Finance Conference

YFC has built its committee on the pillar of diversity: with nine different nationalities represented and fourteen languages spoken amongst eighteen committee members, of which thirteen represent Black, Asian, Minorities & Ethnicities (BAME).


STAR's campaigning resulted in the two Equal Access scholarships that the University offers to students who would otherwise be unable to attain a university education.


The business has grown into one of the biggest independent promoter groups in the city creating new brands along the way and running over 20 events in the last year alone - successfully growing revenue streams and remaining committed to delivering a premium nightlife experience.

Fashion Society

They organised a innovative fashion show to promote culture and diversity. Traditional clothes from countries such as India, Morocco and Hungary (and many more) were shown while the presenter explained facts about the clothes.

Give It A Go Activators

The new brand new activator team led by Elina led initiatives such as getting LUSH to come to campus and introducing Life Lessons to help students learn the skills they thought they should know before coming to Uni.

URY - Big Alumni Project

URY have gone on to win £40,000 to redevelop their Big Station Sound Project which will see the reinvention of the URY Studios to make their area better and open for new students to participate with a recording studio element.

Omar Shahryar - A Shoe Full of Stars

Composer Omar Shahryar, who is studying for a PhD in Music at the University of York, co-wrote the music with the pupils who discussed the impact that terrorism had had on the their lives – from their fears about going to crowded venues to how the public reaction had affected them.

Chris Taylor

Chris has given his all to fundraising across his time at university from URY101 in first year to Movember in second and then Jailbreak in his third year.

Halifax RAG

College RAG has gone to new heights with Halifax College hosting a record number of events including a RAG Darts Night, a Krispy Kreme Sale, a Drag Night with Crudi Dench, and finally Halifax's inaugural RAG Week- which was 7 days of events.

Islamic Society

Last year was the first year ISOC took part in the Charity Week and raised around £1,200 and this year they set the target to double the amount, but it was a combination of cool events and generous people that they managed to raise around £4,300.

University of York Swimming and Water Polo Club

The club swam a combined 324.55 km, 33 km of which was done by one of the captains - Ellie Griffin. This swim has led to over £2000 raised, which is the most the club has raised from any of the charity swims it has done.

YuCall 2017/18

A team of 40 student fundraisers spent a total of 1627 hours employing innovative fundraising methods when calling up York alumni to solicit donations for students at York. The students fundraised in excess of £84,000, which was included, but not limited to, fundraising £46,477.25 for York Futures Scholarships and £11,763.75 for Equal Access Scholarships.

Lily Wright

As well as contributing to Scouting outside the University as Assistant Scout Leader at Fulford Scout Group, Lily is also North Yorkshire's Assistant County Commissioner for Scout Network she ensures that there is a provision for 18-25-year-olds to be involved in the Scout Association across the 13 districts in the County.

Alice Driver & Jasmine Pledger

The volunteering committee has absolutely excelled under Alice and Jasmine's year in office, offering MAD Days to enable anyone to get a taste of volunteering, putting on Give it a Go events, but also offering other opportunities to get involved in volunteering socials.


The efforts of the committee are shown through securing a third school to expand into this year, which have allowed them to reach over 1000 local school students to spread the word about mental health.

The Music Education Group

The Music Education Group works across the City of York, offering 4 musical workshops a term to over 50 schools, and providing weekly or bi-weekly musical-based sessions in older person's care homes, York Hospital, The Hut, Mill Lodge (CAMHS inpatient centre), and Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation centre.

Theatre in Schools

Theatre in Schools has seen volunteers delivering drama workshops in local primary schools for four years, with themes ranging from Shakespeare to astronauts to superheroes. Their main goal is to help children build their confidence and creativity throughout the programme.

Alcuin College Netball Club

Alcuin Netball provides a chance for STEM students to play at the highest level whilst still performing well in their degree.

Constantine College Netball

With Constantine being a new college, Constantine netball have always been overlooked however this term they have really turned heads and been noticed as real competition, forming a fantastic team and making very strong friendships along the way.

Derwent College Athletic Football Club

Known to be super inclusive, welcoming and enthusiastic. They have mad ea commitment that everyone is able to play football from all abilities with 7 eleven a side teams and 3 five a side teams.

Derwent Women’s Athletic Football Club

Starting with only 4 or 5 members at the beginning of the year, Derwent women's football now has nearly 20 people turning up for weekly training.

Heslington East Rugby

Not only did they play amazingly all year which left them undefeated in the league - 10/10 games won. But I am nominating this team for their never wavering team spirit, whether there was 30 spectators or 3 they still played to their absolute best for each other.

Amelia Hubbard

Given that she came to Vision with no previous experience, Mila successfully managed to achieve what few could have done by getting Vision back into print.

Danni Boxall

Apart from her multiple presenting and production credits for URY shows, Danni has also developed the links between the York Politics Society and URY as Media Officer for PolSoc and the host of political chat show York Politics Digest, the two societies have since hosted a General Election debate.

Edwin Barnes

Edwin is known and loved not just by University of York but also York St. John for his role as a club photographer. In his two years at YSTV, Edwin has completely revolutionised the organisation. Elected Production Director in his first year, Edwin set about changing the way YSTV put out content, targeting Facebook, with huge success.

Kit Taylor

As Head of News and Sport this year, Kit Taylor has gone above and beyond to not only provide a voice for student concerns on campus, but also to cultivate a thriving team of future journalists. They have fulfilled the paramount goal of URY: to create valuable output that is relevant to our student listeners whilst helping our members develop vital skills and grow as presenters.


The Nouse Senior Team have lead Nouse to some of its best work in recent years. Their efforts have been recognised nationally and under their leadership Nouse was awarded the best designed newspaper of 2018 at the SPA awards. Nouse has been a consistently strong media group that delivers.

Comedy Society

This society gives students the dream opportunity to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe, and some students have cited this as one of the reasons they chose York to study - it's one of the most respected comedy societies in the country.

Feminist Society

Some of their talk topics included 'Disability, Mental Health and Gender', 'Liberals, Radicals and Transhumanists in Feminism', 'Gender and the Paranormal', 'Gender and Body Image' and 'Feminism and Anti-Facism'.

Latin American Society

This year LAS came into their own. They have been the most complete, lively, exciting, and different society that the uni has. The know how to organize small and big events. Wherever the society participates, it moves a very big group of people with them.

Polish Society

The number of active members increased from 15 to 30 members, as the committee learnt to delegate tasks and plan ahead. Thanks to the increased regularity of events, the society managed to form a strong base of active members.

University of York Dance Society

As the tied in first place largest society on campus, UYDS has successfully helped to create a really strong community of dancers who are all fully committed to the team.  UYDS aims to make dance accessible to everyone and anyone whether that be someone who has been dancing all their life or someone starting out for the first time.

The Best Event for Widening Participation

Chinese Society - New Year Fete

Chinese New Year Fete 2018, the delectable and enjoyable way to have a taste of Chinese New Year culture, which is one of the 2 majority events in the York Chinese New Year Gala 2018. They set up 30 stalls for the event.

Comedy Society Women’s Show

The University of York Comedy Society Women’s show is an event that gets their biggest turnout of all shows throughout the year. That alone shows why more women should be included in comedy!

International Students’ Association Events

ISA aims to create a home away from home for those who have traveled from a different country, an experience which is a very intimidating for some.


The Best Small Scale Community Event

GoodFest 2017

The college charity - St Nicks was in attendance in order to raise money for their projects and many activities such as bouncy castles, henna and tie-dye t-shirt making was available for students and the local children.

Lecturers’ Strike Debate: Should students support the strike?

This was an example of a fantastic student-led event, which really helped to foster community spirit at a difficult moment for the student body.

The Scott Award

Workshops have continuously sold out over the year with many requests for repeat workshops being held. Getting professional artists in to lead the workshops has been great for students who want to get involved more with the artistic community in York.


The Best Large Scale Entertainment Event

Derwent’s Big D Festival

Big D 2017 represents everything that is good about student led events, a focus on community, inclusion of a wide breadth of the incredibly diverse student community and a steep learning experience for all those involved and importantly the delivery of a large format student led event.

The York Showdown

The York Showdown was a prime example of students using their ingenuity to put on an amazing event. The event had a solid base of core beliefs, putting charity over raw profits for FragSoc.

York Dances for Sport Relief

York Dances for Sport Relief was an amazing event this year, uniting 9 different sports societies with 3 dance societies, raising money for Sport Relief.

Supported By Endsleigh


The committee especially have been spectacular in securing an enormous grant through YuFund and purchasing an AED with money raised over several months of fundraising.

The Douglas Adams Society (DougSoc)

The Committee led the Society's extensive rebrand at the start of their term, opening submissions and voting to the entire Society. They then worked to integrate this new logo (the DougSoc Space Whale) into all publicity material so that the Society presented a united brand.

York Community Consulting

The committee organised various events on a weekly basis to help others develop important skills such as interview, assessment centre, networking or presentation skills amongst others. Moreover, the York Community Consulting committee outsourced external mentors for each team.

York Sport Committee

The committee have supported college sport through organising the College sport festival, the launch of the ProTeam app to provide a united forum for the sharing of fixtures and results and organised an incredible home varsity, leading York to victory over Durham.

YUSU Volunteering Committee

The committee has kept up an active and engaging social media profile, making it easy to find opportunities, and everyone you meet in the committee always has a smile on their face, filling any passerby with an infectious desire to contribute by volunteering.

Bethany Quinton

She has shown unbridled enthusiasm both on the pitch, in training and off the pitch. In training, her sessions are always well planned out and very creative, and she always manages to get the best out of us as a team.

Hashim Syed

His true leadership ability is shown by his willingness to help others achieve their goals and attain their graduate roles, all whilst juggling studying, YCC commitments, sporting commitments and a buzzing social life.

Katherine Bell

Katherine deserves this award for making YSTV feel more like a family than a society, with its members fully dedicated to its projects.

Mark Curran

As President of the Darts Club, Mark has overseen the club's most successful year.
Mark has used his diagnosis of type 1 diabetes 15 years ago as an inspiration, rather than a negative.

Sarin Zaveri

Sarin is an outstanding leader and has inspired me to understand my own leadership and management style. Leading Investment and Finance Society, as he does, requires; consistency, conciseness, rigour and most importantly, outstanding leadership.

Edwin Barnes

Edwin has influenced student media at York more widely in a deeply felt way and has become recognised as someone who cares hugely about others and whose incredibly talent has transformed many areas he has devoted himself to.

Elina Kukk

Elina is an inspiration and commits so much her time to ensure students can accessibly get involved in fundraising in a fun way - even if its just by enjoying karaoke at courtyard with funds going to RAG beneficiaries.

Jack Harvey

He has given up his time for several causes for students, from policy-making to welfare, student journalism to non-competitive sport. He has often gone unrecognised as much of what he does is behind the scenes.

Samara Jones

It all began with becoming Sports Officer last year, as a fresher, where she has completely revolutionised how Alcuin College Sport is run.

William Leafe

Will isn't just someone who cares about his community, he cares enough to act. Will was RAG rep for the Derwent JCRC in his first year (2017), and the whole college watched as he went the extra mile to create new events and really raise the fundraising target.

For this award there is no shortlist, they are instead five inspirational winners who have truly embodied the criteria for this award.

Union President Alex Urquhart:

This award recognises an individual who has personally sacrificed their own time and effort for the benefit of others.

Activities Officer Mikey Collinson:

This award recognises an individual who has been enthusiastically involved in student activities and supported student groups to have a positive impact on their members.

Academic Officer Julian Porch

This award recognises an individual who lives and breathes what they study. Their ability to talk about new ideas, exchange knowledge and foster intellectual thought is emblematic of the academic spirit.

Community and Wellbeing Officer Mia Shantana Chaudhuri-Julyan

This award celebrates an unrecognised individual student who has devoted their time on any scale to promoting unity in diversity, advocating for an under-represented group or simply inspiring others with their progressive attitude and passion for social justice.

York Sport President Laura Carruthers

An individual whose contribution to Student Sport here at York has had a phenomenal impact on those around them.

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

Professional NHS service providing talking therapies for mental health problems to which students can self-refer or be referred.

This service is in high demand locally and is truly invaluable, providing excellent care, tailored to the individual’s needs.

IAPT offer a huge variety of conditions including anxiety and PTSD.

York Rescue Boats

York Rescue Boats is a charity set up to operate a rescue and patrol boat.

In addition they educate and raise awareness in schools, colleges and universities in particular when people are beside the river drinking alcohol.

They have also has helped with recent floods.

York Parties Safe Clubbing

York Parties ensure student safety when clubbing at their events in York.

For many students this is their first experience going out and the team inside and on the doors ensure that students are looked after, get home safely and are signposted for further help, when they need it the most.


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